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We deliver exceptional cattle and service, for long-term client relationships. Our reputation and success depend on the trust we build with each producer, and the reliability we establish with each rental and lease.

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Tough Enough Tough Enough
This special bull started our Ranch herd. Mark, our owner, first saw the unnamed bull on a hunting trip, at an estimated weight of 350 to 400 pounds. Mark bought the bull on the spot and made arrangements for pick-up at a later date. When he returned six months later, he was surprised to see that the bull had already grown to about 900 pounds!

The bull was totally wild, and had never before seen a trailer. Needless to say, he was not easy to round up and load. Ranch hands, using conventional techniques, attempted to herd and load the bull without success. In all the commotion, the bull was accidentally injured.

To the amazement of the ranch hands, the tough bull stood up and walked to the back of the trailer, and loaded himself. Upon arrival at Lucky Circle M Ranch, Mark’s daughter, then eight years old, declared, “I think that bull is tough enough.” The name stuck and Tough Enough became part of the Ranch family. When Tough Enough was sold, twelve years later, he weighed 2,300 pounds and handled like a pet.
404 (Big Inch)
This black Beefmaster bull, superior to all others, has enabled our Ranch to continue the composite breeding program that was started with Tough Enough. Big Inch was bought as a prospect but, with his excellent traits, he has become our leading sire. At about 2100 pounds, he handles easily -- almost like a pet! Big Inch carries the Beefmaster black trait, a consistent producer of black offspring while carrying the Beefmaster/Angus lineage.


Born: May 20, 2004
Sire: Onyx 415-LE C837437 DNA 364383A
Sire: Black Magic 120/97 LE C754207 DNA 599A
Dam: Kitty’s Diamond 11257 LE C756792
Dam: Grade – Miss Strawberry Pie 003 LE C828797
Sire: Phantom Warrior 3/254 LH C207637
Dam: Strawberry 6655 BE C314490























Consistent performers for your events at the best possible price.

Contact Lucky Circle M Ranch for cattle to use in Team Penning and Ranch Sorting events.  We deliver quality cattle within desired weight and body score necessary for consistent performance.

As a stock contractor, we make cattle rental and leasing simple, straightforward, and profitable for event producers. Using Lucky Circle M Ranch, you can:
  • Arrange for daily rentals and/or term leasing 
  • Provide exceptional performers
  • Reduce your event costs
  • Simplify the production of your event without the burden of ensuring cattle quality
When you rent or lease cattle from us, we can provide handling personnel and hauling to support your event.
Bring a unique hybrid vigor to your herd.

Since 1978, our proven cow/calf operation methods have produced exceptional crossbred and purebred stock.

Our breeding program challenges the genetics of our seed stock, using lineages that create the most profitable opportunities in the pasture, in the feed yard, and on the rail.

The Lucky Circle M Ranch commercial females are crossbred Angus/Continental, and are expected to survive the harsh Texas climate.  Females who do not continually produce progeny that meet our seedstock standards are moved to our commercial herd.

Beefmaster and Angus bulls are utilized for a terminal cross in our commercial herd.

Our commercial calves are raised from our established cow herd.  Most of our crossbred calves grow faster, and weigh more at specific ages, than their parents.