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The Lucky Circle M Ranch remuda includes multi-disciplinary breeding. Our horses offer the flexibility for work and/or recreation.

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Maceys Hickory
Color: Bay
Foaled: June 12, 1996
Sire: Doc’s Hickory
Dam: Maceys Playgirl


Dandy, as she is affectionately called, is like a Timex watch. She just keeps on ticking. She has a lot of cow. In a recent ranch sorting event she lost her bridle. To her credit, she finished the event bridleless to win.
Gay Lady Bartender Gay Lady Bartender
Color: Bay Roan
Foaled: March 26, 2001
Sire: Rhinestone Bartender
Dam: Gay Bars Poppy


Talk about mare power! Originally broken as a ranch using horse, this mare is also active in Team Roping. With a great mind and forgiving attitude, this horse is a solid contributor to our remuda.
Fiddlin Jackie Fiddlin Jackie
AQHA# 4572218
Color: Grey
Foaled: April 18, 2004
Sire: Fiddlin Otoe Jack
Dam: Deckettas Sugar Lady


An easy horse to ride. Conformation and good looks set this mare apart. She is the first up from the pasture and always ready to go. Better leave your trailer gate closed! This mare will load herself and is always ready to go.
Sevens Stormy Red Sevens Stormy Red
AQHA# 4668054
Color: Bay Roan
Foaled: May 14, 2004
Sire: Rhinestone Bartender
Dam: Barons Blue Gal


Roanie is a great mare. She is broke to ride and is used on our ranch to gather cattle and rope. Her great qualities include wonderful maternal instincts - she is a great mom to her babies. She always throws color.
CDS Olympian CDS Olympian
AQHA# 4469370
Color: Chestnut
Foaled: May 6, 2003
Sire: CD Genuine Doc
Dam: Dancing With Rosalee
Price: $25,000


Talk about a solid Team Roping horse!  This 15.1, 1200-pound heading horse scores, rates and handles steers with the best of them. Super broke! He is ready to go and very easy on the eyes. Lots of speed.
A really easy keeper.
Zan Petty All Star Zan Petty All Star
AQHA# 3494123
Color: Sorrel
Foaled: March 27, 1996
Sire: All Star Peppy
Dam: Jacks KO
Price: $10,000


Jack has the personality of a true friend. He absolutely loves people and performing. One of our lesson horses, he is used in Team Penning and Ranch Sorting. Jack loads, shoes and has the best ground manners.
Pepto Stylish Voyager Pepto Stylish Voyager
AQHA# 4526036
Color: Red Roan
Foaled: June 14, 2003
Sire: Peptos Stylish Oak
Dam: Badger Voyager
Price: $20,000


Pepper is a Ranch Sorting and Team Penning machine. He is all about cow. An open competitor, this horse is ready to take a rider to the highest level. Easy to handle and ready to work. Absolutely no bad habits.
Lil Freddie Cat Lil Freddie Cat
AQHA# 4086730
Color: Sorrel
Foaled: May 11, 2001
Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: Lenas Costly Affair
Price: $5,000


We call him ”Tater.” His pedigree says it all. Easy to ride and all about getting to the cow. This is a finished Team Penning, Ranch Sorting horse that can take you to any level. Easy keeper with nice handle.
A Little CatlikeA Little Catlike
AQHA# 4611002
Color: Chestnut
Foaled: February 21,2004
Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: A Little Starlight
Price: SOLD


His name says it all. A real performer with great conformation! Lots of cow. Easy to ride with no bad habits. Cat is a finished Ranch Sorting horse with 90 days of Cutting training. He will take you to any level.
Bruno Bruno
Color: Grey Paint
Foaled: January, 1996
Price: $1,000


He’s a good one, previously used at Diamond M Stables as a lesson horse. Bruno is small in stature and has been ridden Western, and has also started as a Hunter Jumper. Great confirmation and great trail horse, easy to handle and load. Would make anyone a great intermediate horse.
He is easily pasture kept with minimal maintenance.
Spanish Code Red Spanish Code Red
Color: Red Dun
Foaled: May 16, 1997
Sire: Mr. Spanish Otoe
Dam: Special Amber Eyes
Price: SOLD


Cody is a 15.3 line back Red Dun gelding. He has been used as a ranch horse, and for Team Roping and Ranch Sorting. He has taken us to five National Team Penning and Ranch Sorting finals!
Great disposition, really quiet. A real keeper!
Lenas Bootlegger Lenas Bootlegger
AQHA# 4835050
Color: Sorrel
Foaled: February 14, 2005
Sire: Glow Shonetta
Dam: Leona Bid
Price: $7,500


Boots has a great personality and is looking for a job! Started on Team Roping and has potential for Team Penning and Sorting. Lots of cow. Clips, shoes and loads well.
Tick Tick
Foaled: February, 1997
Price: $2,500


Tick was a rescue horse, left underweight and without care. For several years, Tick was put on pasture and slowly brought back to optimum weight and care. When the time came, he was saddled and ridden without an issue. Tick has a great handle and is used as a ranch using horse, and lesson horse. He is a great Team Roping horse, and can work both ends heading and heeling. He will take care of you and is an easy keeper. Great Team Roping horse for beginners.
Olenas Check Olenas Check
Color: Sorrel
Foaled: April 20, 2000
Sire: Jab O Lena
Dam: T Square Miss
Price: SOLD


Scooter worked as a using horse on a large ranch, and has great handle. Started on Ranch Sorting with 90 days of cutting training. Potential for Team Penning. Lots of cow. Clips, shoes and loads.
Rocky Rocky
Color: Chestnut
Foaled: April, 1997
Price: SOLD


Rocky is an easy keeper with a great personality. Previously used at our stables as a lesson horse, he has been ridden Western but also has some exposure to English. No buck or kick. First one up for the pasture when called. Unbelievable confirmation, great trail horse.
Easy to handle and load. He has great feet
and requires minimal maintenance.
Ahma Peppy Freckle Ahma Peppy Freckle
Color: Bay
Foaled: April 18, 2000
Sire: Colonel Jesse James
Dam: Marvel’s Gold Kitten
Price: SOLD


Freckles is a great using horse! Used for roping and working cattle every day. Great handle. Completed in the National Team Penning Finals, top Ranch Sorting competitor. Clips, shoes and loads.
Dollys April Storm Dollys April Storm
PtHA# 123808
Color: Bay Tobiano
Foaled: April 11, 2005
Sire: Majestic Broker
Dam: Dollys Melody
Price: $2,500


Do you need a little color in your life? Dolly is a pretty Bay Tobiano paint. She has been started in Team Penning and Ranch Sorting and will make a solid project to take you to the next level.
She ground handles, trims and grooms easily.
Spirit Spirit
Color: Red Dun
Foaled: April 20, 2002
Sire: Eddies Red Buck
Dam: Grade – Quarter / TB cross
Price: SOLD


Great Personality! Very quiet and easy to handle with no buck or kick. First one to come from pasture when called. Unbelievable speed. Possible Barrel or Pole Bending prospect. Shoes and loads.
Lexi Lexi
Color: Sorrel
Foaled: January, 1994
Price: SOLD


Lexi was previously used at our stables as a lesson horse, and in Team Penning and Sorting events. She has been ridden Western and has a great handle with no buck or kick. Easy to handle and load. She is easily pasture kept with minimal maintenance. Would make any youth a great starting barrel or trail horse.